Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Yay for specifications!

In designing test or assessment for the students, you have to:

"Clearly specifying what is to be assessed"

In designing assessment and test, you should provide careful description on what to assess as it affects the 
effectiveness of the assessment. Specifying the learning goals clearly before selecting the assessment 
procedures to use is needed in assessing student's learning. In short, the assessment has to align with the learning objective. 

For effective assessment, you have to add greater specification.For example the learning goal is to understand the issues in the poem “Heir Conditioning”. The assessment can be in a form of multiple choice questions, essay form question, or short answers.   

After specifying your learning goals, you have to ask yourself some questions before constructing the assessment.The example of the questions are:

  • Which type of test suitable to assess the students?
  • What is the main issue in the poem?
  • Will the students find any evidence in the poem that can support their idea?
  • Is it necessary to compare between the characters in the poem “ Heir Conditioning" for them to understand the issues?"

After answering all the questions you can start developing your assessment or test for your students. 

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