Thursday, December 19, 2013

Principle of Testing

Assessment and testing play a very important aspect in improving education for all students. Below are some of the principle in testing. 

1. The main purpose of testing is to improve student's learning.

The test will reflect how much that the students learned in school. It is also act as an indicator whether they had achieved the important learning goals for the specific year.

2. The test is fair for all students.

The test must be authentic and reliable. The level of the test must accommodate each student’s level of proficiency. In Malaysian context; each student from Band 1 to Band 6 can answer the questions. The test has to be unbiased to selective students, as it has to be suitable to all students.

3. Communication about test is clear.

The result of the test will involve the students, parents and the school administrators. The parents and administrators have to know the result whether the student get excellent mark or failed their exam. The further discussion about the marks can be done between the teachers and the parents to improve the student’s result next time when they sit for other examination.

4. Test item has to be regularly improved and updated.

As the issues are always changing, it is essential for test developers to improve their test questions as it is relevant to the current issues. Current issues are closer to students’ heart as it is easier to find the information about it in the media. 


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