Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Relevance is important!

 In order to assess the students, the assessment procedures should be selected thoroughly.

"It must be relevance to the performance to be measured and learning goals"

  •  The main criteria for the selection of an assessment is the effectiveness of the method used for measuring the learning progress. 
  • Other than that, they are chosen for their objectivity, accuracy or convenience.
  • Every procedure chosen have to be correlated to the learning goals and appropriate to the test given.
  • This is because the main purpose of an assessment is to assess the students on their learning progress.
  • For examples, if the learning goal is to be able to transfer the information from a text, we should not be testing the students with only the multiple choice question. We can't assess students from this instrument as it surely irrelevant choice of assessment. Students' performance can't be measured correctly and accordingly.

  • If a test is supposed to be testing the construct of listening, it should indeed be testing listening, rather than reading, writing and/or memory.

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